Marijuana Prohibition Is Far From Over: Protect Our Kids PAC Launches to combat Legalization

Marijuana Prohibition Is Far From Over: Protect Our Kids PAC Launches to combat Legalization

Cannabis Prohibition Is Far From Over, Protect Our Kids PAC Launches to combat Legalization

A brand-new cannabis restriction incredibly PAC has actually been developed, called Protect Our Children PAC. The group is targeting pro-legalization prospects and supporting those who oppose the policy in crucial races. Among their very first targets is a freshman GOP congresswoman who is sponsoring her own costs to federally legislate and control marijuana.

Luke Niforatos, a magnate of the nationwide prohibitionist group Smart Approaches To Marijuana (SAM), is releasing the extremely PAC. He stated in a declaration: “We can not kick back and permit our kids to be threatened by those who wish to make a fast dollar off of cannabis.”

The pro-legalization congresswoman reacted by stating that the very PAC’s efforts will just even more stimulate her fans.

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Please be 21+ since this has to do with the legal & legally legal (at the state level) marijuana market.

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